Teradek Features CBR Studios & CBR Media

Published Feb 14th, 2019

Teradek recently published a blog post featuring CBR Media (our parent company) on why we opened a studio. Read an excerpt below and head on over to their website to see the full article!

Thank you Teradek!

Starting your own production house is exciting, ambitious, and super challenging. From finding the right space, to building a studio, hiring a talented production team, and finally finding a steady stream of clients.  The challenge can be daunting. Sure, it can be done with a few people, and we see many production houses these days starting out with just one or two determined filmmakers, but a lot of work goes into growing the company into a profitable business.

Let’s say you’ve been doing really well and your production house has grown to a point where you need more space. Most businesses simply rent a bigger office. And when you’re hired for a job, you assemble a team and find a studio to shoot in.

Read more here.

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